Marvin Gaye once said “I was born between two desires;” a quote that could likely stand for all those called to a life-long delivery of soul music. With its roots planted deep in countless dichotomies, soul’s exquisite push-and-pull continues today with greater and greater magnitude, evidenced by Grammy sweeps and a solidifying field of true-soul purveyors, the way it was...the way it is...and the way it shall be.

The Dynamites & Charles Walker, having cast their lot in 2008 with the head-spinning “Kaboom!” and in 2010 with the powerful “Burn It Down,” are now set to embark on Round 3 of their unfolding story with an ambitious double-album set, led off with a pair of singles. Both duets, the first features Ms. Bettye LaVette, a longtime friend and colleague of Charles Walker; and the second joins him with breathtaking Verve/Universal recording artist, Lucy Woodward. Since their last release, The Dynamites & Charles Walker have spent two years in a furor of worldwide touring. Four tours of Europe, three of Australia, and virtually every weekend stateside spent “gettin’ up in the morning and making the world a funkier place,” to quote their nightly show-opening monologue mantra, account for their soul-sending whereabouts since the release of “Burn It Down.” Along the way, through the hard forge of touring and a healthy evolution, The Dynamites has grown from a neck-jerking, backbone-slipping high octane funk/soul freight train to a well-rounded soul machine playing to its front man’s greatest strengths. (p.s.—with plenty of high octane backbone-slipping still present, don’t worry) Highlights abound, with standouts including opening slots for The Dave Matthews Band; major festival plays at Outside Lands, Byron Bay Bluesfest, Bonnaroo, ACL, Montreal Jazz, Geneva Music and Woodford Folk; and two appearances for France’s Canal+, on the programs La Musicale and L’Album de la Semaine

Also during that time, resulting from many seemingly destiny-laden chance meetings with Bettye LaVette on the festival circuit, Charles reconnected with his fellow soul music veteran, whose story had in many ways continued to unfold parallel to his. In the early 1960s, both went to New York to begin their professional careers as soul singers. Both succeeded there during the golden era of soul/R&B, in its epicenter. Both recorded for a long and distinguished list of American and international soul record labels. Both, in the 1960s, shared the front-stage spotlight fronting house bands at Small’s Paradise; the legendary Harlem venue that hosted, for work and for play, all of the giants of soul, R&B, and jazz, during those genres’ undisputed brightest, most fruitful period. Both have experienced resurgences buttressed by a revitalization of true soul music, itself. And now, both come together in this new century, for the first time on a recording, to display their incredible, ageless talents and powerful facilities as true soul music veterans in top form.

Charles Walker continues his age-defying prowess, at the peak of his powers—strong and getting stronger. The Dynamites continue their relentless commitment to the greatest, most positive and celebratory musical art form in America. And together, they continue to passionately deliver the word here and abroad. Get ready, all you heartstrings and dance floors, for Round 3 of The Dynamites Featuring Charles Walker.

17.07 PARIS / Le Silencio
18.07 BORDEAUX / Festival Relache
19.07 THAU / Festival de Thau 20.07 BONNEVILLE / Festival Plein Feux