Peter is the youngest of the three Harper brothers.

They all grew up in the middle of the guitars, banjos, ukuleles and other musical instruments in the famous Folk Music Center which was opened by their grandparents in California in the late 50’s.

Of course, everybody knows the elder brother Ben, who became a world famous singer and musician. There is also Joel, a writer and a poet. And then there is Peter who chose the art of sculpture to express his creativity over the past 20 years.

Peter is a professional visual artist - as well as a college professor- but he never turned his back on his love of music.

He did a first tour in France in Spring 2016. Alone on the roads with his tenor guitar. Both a quest and an adventure. The experience was such a success that he decided to release a European edition of his album and share his music with as many crowds he can find!

Peter Harper is ready to charm his audience with his warm voice, his four string guitar, his ukulele and his sense of humanity that will not only leave you glowing, but remind you that there are still beautiful things in the world worth believing in.