Severny Flot» («Nothern Fleet») is the famous Russian rock band, formed by ex-band members of the legendary «Korol i Shut» in summer 2013. So far, «Severny Flot» has 2 studio albums, some successful recognizible singles and 2 video clips. Their first single «Strely» («Arrows») topped «NASHE Radio» quick as a wink, leaving fans in expectation of other songs. The third single «Rojdenniy Ubivat`» («Born to Kill») became one of the top releases of Russian iTunes. So the band proved its unadulterated professionality.

Autumn 2014 was marked by the beginning of the first big «Severny Flot»’s tour «TOLKO VREPYOD» («NEVER LOOK BACK») in support of the debut album «Vsyo Vnutri» («Everything is Inside»), filled with personal and mystical lyrics and it turned out as a quite multifaceted rock- album. Few days after «Vsyo Vnutri» got the 1st place in Russian Google Play and the 5th place in Russian iTunes.

In September 2015 «Severny Flot» started their crowdfunding project on Planeta.ru. This project was dedicated to the recording of the second studio album, and turned out to be extremely successful - all the required money was collected by the midterm and the final amount of money was 1,6 times higher than planned. The second studio album «Misanthropy» was released at the 1st of March 2016 and had got a lot of rave reviews from the audience and critics, had been being at the top of Russian Google Play Rock-chart for three weeks.

«Severny Flot» have been touring with the «Misantrophy» album around Russia since Spring 2016, the band have already visited Ukraine and already made 5 great concerts in France as a support of «SIDILARSEN».

«Basing on the name of «Misantrophy» album, as also on the main theme (the first song) some people can guess that the album message comes laden with negative emotions about the Human in total. This is not the case, not exactly. Based on my own life experience, I am strongly convinced that all the Evils inside us can be conquered, but only if we are ready to acknowledge them. This fact is as old as time, but however, always relevant.»
(Alexander Leontiev)

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