Djs / Producers / Musicians break into the Spanish electronic scene with great force in late 2012 on an innovative project which consists in 4 members.
Joining Krash and Rick seconded by Yves (drums) and Doc ( guitarist and vocalist ) official band has been much talked about over just these 3 -year career, recognized as thrusters to bring the rock scene to the current electronic music.

A powerful LIVE born from conformism that has occurred in recent years in the national music circuit , not categorized in any electronic music genre mixing from dirty electro, dubstep going through a pointer and a forceful drum n bass , this Madrid band always mix it all flooded by the rock that runs through their veins under their anthem: RAVE & ROLL.

So in 2012 , with little life of the project they became the image and official residents band of Zoolo?gico Club Madrid, acclaimed club and today's most famous and recognized in country .

It's In The Year 2013 when the true potential of the band it’s seen, their chaotic magnet led by their image and their staging won’t let anybody indifferent. They have created not only an Innovation on a musical level but a show where the most important part is the public recalling some attitude on it that reminds some of 70’s concerts.
They were Nominees For The Famous magazine “Vicious” an the International awards in the categories ; Best Newcomer , Best Live Act , Best Bass Music Artist , Best Artist of the Year and Electro Artist - Dubstep For 2 years in a row .

So , were nominated for the famous magazine "Vicious Magazine" their international awards in the categories of; Best Newcomer, Best Live, Best Bass Music Artist , Best Artist of the Year and Best Electro -Dubstep Artist for 2 years running.

Proclaimed as one of the most beloved artists in Spain , working in absolutely every festivals and prestigious clubs , Arenal Sound 3 consecutive times, DreamBeach 2 times consecutively, Low Cost Festival, Vin?arock , Aquasella , SOS 4.8, Creamfields , Territories Seville, Fever Bilbao, Malaga Beach Weekend, Zoolo?gico Club Madrid, 4Every1 Festival and a long endless names are showing that they are a top group. This becomes more important to know that until mid-2013, we cannot talk about Gomad! & Monster as producers.

2014 is the year they go a step further in their path, expanding its concert outside Spain and publishing their first productions .

Greece ( Athens), United Kingdom ( Brighton), Portugal (Lisbon, Castelo Branco, Oporto and the Azores ), Germany (Hannover), Halle, Salching, Tesseldorf (Hamburg) , Switzerland (Buch), Luxembourg are already many of their credentials . To this we can add actions which gave prestige as the World Championship Red Bull X -Fighters in the bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid for more than 25.000 people.

They sign up with Jetlag Recordings, renowned Spanish label that makes its way into the music scene with productions from Subshock, Evangelos and Voltage. Thus comes to light their first production as an EP, " Rotten" which would be the beginning of a new stage followed by his next EP, " Meltdown " and later "Volcano " , the 3rd EP is striking prestigious specialized media EDM.NET .
Their latest work, "Feel It", collaboration with Eyes of Providence is published by Sony Music and Sounds Clippers .
All with a huge media impact and praised by critical acclaim for the international electronic music industry.

2015 is seen by them as the year to consecrate themselves, tuning the machinery and important closed partnerships, with Gomad! & Monster we can almost say that this is the definitive electronic music band. A show up to what people expect. ?

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